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A Bit About Who We Are

We are a Traditional Japanese Karate Association, focussed on teaching the techniques and skill of karate that's been handed down for generations. Although we are a Worldwide Association, our clubs in Europe are primarily based in England, Sweden, Scotland and Belgium.


Each year, the Head of our Association, travels all the way from Japan with a group of Japanese students to host a Gasshuku (Training Camp) in one of the European countries. All are welcome to attend including instructors, adults, children and families. Students travel from each European country to attend the event, which brings together 100 - 150 students from Europe each year. Not only do we have the honour of training with the Head of our Association each and every year, we are also able to ensure that all W.K.K.A. students, across the world, are using the same techniques.

And, if that was enough, many students from all over Europe have been to Japan several times to have personal tuition with the Head of our Association - without a doubt, an experience of a lifetime!


By having regular training events where clubs in Europe and Japan come together, students across the world are regularly forming close friendships with one another.


The W.K.K.A. Association encourages all students to work together, to help each other in their karate training, but also to develop those all important social skills for our personal and professional lives. For some people, W.K.K.A. is like having a second family!

Social events are a good way to get to know other students and there are plenty of them in W.K.K.A. From formal parties to summer BBQ's, karate training on the beach or halloween 'ninja night', we have something that everyone will enjoy.

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What Others Say About Us

Google Reviews

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I have recently joined the Wilmslow WKKA Karate Club. The instruction here is excellent with a great structure to the classes. It is a very friendly club that caters for all ages and experience. The gym is also a good size so there is no shortage of space. I have been a member of other Karate Clubs in the past in different parts of the country and know a good club when I see one. Happy to leave a five star review :-)

I have been training with W.K.K.A. England for 12 years now and it has brought many different attributes into my life which I haven’t had before, some of these being: confidence, laughter and joy and having a skill in self defence For anyone interested in doing a form of martial arts. I would highly recommend joining W.K.K.A. England and training here at Bowdon church school as it has changed my life in many different ways.

W.K.K.A. .......


What Others Say About Us
A Bit About Who We Are
History of W.K.K.A.

History of W.K.K.A.

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Kenji Kusano

The founder of the World Kusano-Ha Shitoryu Kenpo Karate-Do Association (W.K.K.A.) is Kenji Kusano. Born in 1942, Kusano is a direct descendant of the Japanese Samurai (5th Generation). In 1947, when the words “Shizoku” (meaning “Warrier Families”) was removed from the civil code, the Japanese Samurai ceased to exist as a social division in Japan. Although, like others, the Kusano family were deprived of their Samurai status, their love of karate continues to flourish in W.K.K.A. to this day.

At the age of 13, Kusano used to practice karate at his local school and continued to train when he attended Osaka University in the 1950's. His teacher was Chojiro Tani, who trained directly under Kenwa Mabuni, one of the first to teach karate on mainland Japan. Mabuni is accredited for developing the style “Shitoryu”. Both Tani and Mabuni are well known and respected in all styles of karate.

Kusano soon became one of Tani’s best students and quickly advanced within the Shukokai organisation. By 1953, Kusano had opened his own dojo in Otsu, Japan near the old imperial city of Kyoto. Tani named Kusano’s dojo "Kenshikan".

Kusano had huge dedication when practicing his karate and by the age of just 31 he was awarded a 7th Dan Kyoshi in Tani Ha Shitoryu (one of the highest grades awarded by Tani). By 1979 Kusano had developed a very special and unique understanding of karate and, with Tani's permission, decided to move away from Tani Ha Shitoryu and develop his own style of Shitoryu. Kusano named his organisation the “World Kenshikan Kenpo Karate-Do Association (W.K.K.A.)”.

W.K.K.A. quickly became popular, growing rapidly across Japan and other countries throughout the world. Due to its success, in 1988, at a special ceremony in Otsu Japan, Kusano was promoted to "Soke" (meaning “Head of the Family”) and was given permission to call his style “Kusano Ha Shitoryu”, using his family name.


Kusano died in 2008, after dedicating 50 years of his life to the art of karate. Kusano’s son has since taken over his name and the position of “Soke” for what is now known as the World Kusano-ha Shitoryu Karate-Do Association (W.K.K.A.). 


The success of W.K.K.A. continues to grow strong, all over the world.

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Soke Sensei

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