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As a member of the W.K.K.A. Association, you will have access to weekly training sessions, instructors with over 30 years of experience, special training camps in Europe and Japan and all of the fun events and activities we do throughout the year.


We have summarised all of the information you need to know about joining our Association. That said, if you have any other questions or would just prefer to chat things through, please feel free to get in touch.

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Training Sessions

Per Session: £5


All of our instructors are volunteers. We take pride in our karate and strive to support our students in the best way we can. Many of our instructors have trained for over 30 years, spending a lot of time with the Head of the W.K.K.A. Association at Gasshuku’s (training camps) all over Europe and Japan. They have a vast amount of technique and knowledge to share, which is openly taught to all students that want to learn.


Each student will learn about all aspects of Traditional Japanese Karate, both inside and outside the dojo. We teach a mixture of kata’s (a form of movements) and kumite (sparring), along with self-defence, pad work and drills for general fitness and technique.


We make sure there is something that everyone will enjoy!

Association Fees

Association Membership: £25 (paid annually)


To join the W.K.K.A. Association, all you need to do is complete a membership application form, which will be provided to you after your first free training session.


The Association Fee is paid annually and covers the cost of Dojo Fees (paid directly to our Head Office in Japan), DBS (CRB) checks for instructors, administration costs such as website fees and, most importantly, our Association insurance with the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association (BMABA). We even pro rata the Association Fee, depending on the time of year that you join!


Once you have become a member, you will also receive a password to access our Members Area. This is where we keep our training materials and details about all the wonderful and exciting events our Association provides (from training camps, to beach BBQ’s, trips to Europe and Japan, merchandise and much more). From here, you will be able to register and attend as many of the events as you like. Everyone is welcome!

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British Martial Arts and Boxing Association

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The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA) is a multi-award winning martial arts governing body which promotes participation and social change through their charitable foundation and effectively regulates the instruction of martial arts.

The BMABA is renowned for setting some of the industry’s highest standards for instructors, monitored through its Sport & Recreation code of governance.

The BMABA charitable foundation also serves to promote martial arts participation among some of society’s most disadvantaged members.


We are very honoured to be members of the BMABA. To read more about the BMABA and what they do then simply click here.

Not For Profit

No Joining Fees, No Monthly Fees and No Subscriptions!


In W.K.K.A. we want to keep all fees to a minimum so that everyone can have the opportunity to be part of our Association. 


Most of the W.K.K.A. clubs in Europe operate on a ‘not for profit’ basis. This means that all of the income we earn from training fees or association fees is used to pursue our objectives and keep the clubs running day to day.


All of our instructors are volunteers and, with the support of students (and their families), together we are able to make a club that (we like to think) is very special.


We hope you will join us!

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Training Sessions
Association Fees
Not For Profit


What do I wear for my first karate training session?

We recommend you wear some long jogging bottoms and a light top/t-shirt just to provide you with a bit of protection and comfort whilst you train.

What age can I start karate?

The youngest student we can accept is 5 years old ...... there is no upper limit! It really doesn't matter if your 5 or 50, you can start karate at any age, it's just a matter of getting involved and beginning your own karate journey whenever your ready!

How early should I turn up for my first class?

We recommend you turn up about 10-15 minutes before the class starts, this will allow plenty of time to register and meet your new instructor. They will have a chat to you to ask about any previous experience or medial conditions that you may have and let you know how the class will work. After that, just try to relax to calm any nerves you might have. And, of course, don't forget to smile - you're about to start your karate journey!

Do you offer a starter package?

Yes we offer a starter bundle which includes everything you need; karate suit, W.K.K.A. Association badge, belt and training gloves. We also offer a premium option to upgrade your karate suit if you're really keen!

What insurance cover do you have?

W.K.K.A. uses insurance specifically created for karate Associations. Our insurance covers all public, members and professional liability as well as cover for students to compete in competitions. We want our students have the best cover possible to protect them in their karate training.

I have practiced karate before, am I able to join W.K.K.A.?

Of course you can. Any previous training, in karate or another martial art, is beneficial. We are open to learning from everyone, so would be interested to hear about your previous experience. If you already have a karate suit, feel free to wear it on your first free training session.

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