Other Policies

Members of WKKA are part of a special group of martial artists, dedicated to the study and practice of traditional Japanese karate. As with most sports organisations, we must be governed by a set of rules and regulations, ensuring a mutual understanding of all members and the safety of one another.


To support this, members of WKKA follow a number of policies to ensure that we all work together, to the same set of standards, regardless of where we practice karate.  These policies are private for members of WKKA so are only available to view upon request, in person, via the Secretary.  To contact the Secretary for WKKA England, Greg Miller, please email wkkaengland@gmail.com or telephone on 07714 292103.


The policies available to view are:


  • Code of Conduct

  • Equality Statement

  • Photography and Social Media Policy

  • Risk Management Policy

  • Safeguarding Policy

  • Coronavirus Policy


These policies were last updated on 9th September 2020. We are committed to reviewing our policies and best practices regularly.