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Soke Sensei Gasshuku

Soke Sensei
Gasshuku 2024

Fri 13th - 15th Sept


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About the Event

For those who are still fairly new joining the W.K.K.A. Association, Kenji Kusano (known as “Soke Sensei” to his students) is the Head of the W.K.K.A. Association.  Each year, he travels all the way from Japan with a group of Japanese students to host a Gasshuku (Training Camp) in one of the European countries. This is a great opportunity to train directly with Soke Sensei and W.K.K.A. students from across the world.


This event has been postponed over the past couple of years due to the pandemic, however, the first European Gasshuku's is restarting in Sept 2024 in Stockholm, Sweden. Soke Sensei will provide the finest teaching directly to all students and will be assisted by Takashi “Teppei” Kozuka (one of the most senior instructors in W.K.K.A.).


Everyone is welcome to attend, instructors, adults, children and families. This event is very unique to the W.K.K.A. Association so don’t miss out!

The usual schedule for the weekend is as follows:

1 - Friday = Training 7pm - 9pm 

2 - Saturday = Training 10am - 4pm, then formal evening meal with Soke Sensei (called the Welcome Meal)

3 - Sunday = Training 10am - 4pm, then a more casual evening meal with Soke Sensei (called the Goodbye Meal)

We will continue to update this page as we find out more information from the Swedish Gasshuku Organisation Team.

To confirm your training and accommodation plans, please click on the link below:

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Gasshuku Schedule


Welcome Meal


Training Venue


Goodbye Meal

Venue and Costs

Venue: Boson, 18147 Lidingo, Sweden


Accommodation Information for Students


There is accommodation at the Boson Venue itself. More Information will follow shortly

  • Accommodation Address - TBC

    • Info TBC


Flight Information

From Manchester Airport, UK to Arlanda-Stockholm Airport, Sweden

There are various carrier who fly directly from Manchester to Stockholm (Arlanda), however we recommend the following which are the best flights for the Gasshuku:

Airline Info - TBC


Friday 13th Sep 2024

Dept - TBC, Arr - TBC


Monday 15th Sep 2024

Dept - TBC, Arr - TBC

Transfers to / from Arlanda-Stockholm, Sweden Airport

Transfer Information - TBC

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