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Student Application Form

We are really pleased that you have decided to become a member of the W.K.K.A. Association and hope you enjoy all that the Association can offer, both inside and outside the dojo.


To join, each student needs to complete a Student Application Form via the link at the bottom of this page. 

Stater Bundle

As part of the Student Application Form, you can order a Starter Bundle which means you can purchase all of your equipment in one go. 


This includes:

  • Cotton Karate Suit and White Belt

  • Official W.K.K.A. Badge

  • Kumite Mitts (Gloves)

The cost for the Starter Bundle is:

Child: £35.00

Adult: £45.00

Adult Premium: £65.00


With the 'Adult Premium' Starter Bundle, you’ll get a 14oz Red Tournament Karate Suit instead of a cotton one (this is recommended for all adults).

Membership Fees

Training Fee: Training Fees are up to a maximum of £5 per class, per student. Family discounts are also available for 3 or more students in the same family.


Association Fee: The Association Fee is £25. The Association Fee covers our annual administration costs, such as insurance, association fees (paid to Japan), website domain fees, DBS checks for instructors, 1st aid courses and so on. The Association Fee is paid annually (prior to 1st March).


Grading Fee: All Kyu Gradings are just £25 (white belt to brown belt). On passing your first grading, you will be provided with an official Licence Book signed by the head of W.K.K.A, Soke Sensei in Japan. In your Licence Book you will have a copy of the W.K.K.A. grading syllabus, space to make a record of your training events and dates of examination. The cost of the Licence Book is also £10 (this is a one-off fee).


Not for Profit: If you didn’t already know, W.K.K.A in England is an unincorporated Association and profit free! Instructors are not paid for their time and any income from Training Fees, Association fees and Examination Fees is put back into the club to fund all of the amazing events we do together! Because of this, we are able to keep our fees very low compared to other sports clubs and organisations.

The application form should only take 2 minutes to complete. To get started, please click on the "Register Here" button below. 

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