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Training Videos

7th Dan




Press Up Training


How to Make a Fist

1st Part of Video = Press Up Exercises

  • Chest or Narrow Push Ups

  • Wider than Shoulders Push Ups

  • Knees towards your Elbow Push Ups

  • Head to left to right hand Push Ups

  • Knuckle Push Ups (first two knuckles)

You should aim to do 10 of each, then up to 50 of each.

2nd Part of Video = How to Make a Fist

  • Lead with first finger when closing fist

  • Make sure your thumb is on the outside of your fist, and wrapped around underneath

  • Close your fist tight

  • Keep your hand and wrist straight when punching, leading with the first two knuckles

  • Practice push ups on your knuckles to make a good fist

Leg Training

This video gives you excellent leg training to help with all of your stances, especially Shiko-Dachi.

  • Shiko-dachi Squat (don't bend forward, keep your back straight)

  • Deep Squat with elbows on your chest in prayer position, touching knees during squat

  • Deep Squat with hands straight out to the front

  • Long Stance, back foot on your tows with knee low to ground & arms up over your head

  • Jumping Squats "Teppei Style", left leg kick, right leg kick, then Squat - stay on your toes!

You should aim to do 10 of each, then up to 50 of each.

How to Fold Your Karate Suit

This video shows students how to fold their karate suit (dogi) when travelling to and from the dojo.

Muscle Training - Abs

This is an abs training video for students showing 5 different exercises to improve abdominal muscles and back muscles (plus some funny outtakes at the end)!

  • Sit up position, small movements to touch knees (don't put your shoulders on the floor)

  • Same as above, but feet straight in the air

  • Lie flat on your back, raise opposite arms and legs to touch (keeping them straight

  • Plank, keep your body straight and off the floor

  • Bicycle Kicks with elbows touching opposite knees (fast movements)

For the first 3, you should aim to do 10 of each, then up to 50 of each. For the last 2, you should aim to do 30 seconds each, then up to a minute each.

How to Sit in Seiza

This is a short video shows you have to do Seiza (kneeling) correctly.  Again it is in Japanese but easy to follow.  Some points to note are: 

  • Step back with your left leg (left leg always goes first, with all basic moves) 

  • Make sure your remain on the ball of your feet when stepping back

  • Move your belt to the side of your legs

  • Keep your knees apart by 2 fists (girls can have knees together if they wish)

  • Hands high on your thighs keeping your back straight

  • Use right leg to stand up, stepping forward

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