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Training Weekend - Summer 2024

22nd - 23rd June

Altrincham, Wilmslow, Widnes

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We are very fortunate to have our UK Country Chief, Donald Morrison (6th Dan), joining us for a weekend of training and examinations. Donald will also be assisted by Scotland’s Sub Chief’s, Amanda Colquhoun (5th Dan) and Nick Hendry (5th Dan), all of whom have been training for over 35 years! This is a fantastic opportunity to train with our WKKA team from Scotland, sharing karate techniques whilst having some fun. This event only happens twice a year, so please book your place as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss out!


In terms of the schedule, Saturday will be open to ‘All Grades’, with those taking examinations staying on after training has finished. Sunday will be an ‘Advanced’ class, open to 3rd Kyu’s and above, as well as Adults of any grade. 


For those invited to try for their next examination, being able to grade in front of our UK Country Chief is a fantastic honour. It might be a little scary for those who have not done this before, but it’s really worth the achievement! Immediately after the examination there will be a presentation, including new examination books, belts, badges and certificates for those who have passed (all of which is included in the price below). Examination books and certificates have all been personally signed by Soke Sensei, the head of the WKKA Association in Japan.


  • Saturday Training (All Grades) = £10

  • Sunday Training (Advanced) = £10

  • Examination = £25


Wilmslow Dojo (13, Grove Avenue, SK9 5EG)


Saturday 22nd June (All Grades) = 10:45 - 14:00 (plus 14:00-16:00 for those doing examinations)

Sunday 23rd June (Advanced) = 10:45 - 1400

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