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Soke Sensei Gasshuku

Soke Sensei

Gasshuku 2019

Fri 26th - Sun 28th April


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About the Event

For those who have recently joined the W.K.K.A. Association, Kenji Kusano (known as “Soke Sensei” to his students) is the Head of the W.K.K.A. Association.  Each year, he travels all the way from Japan with a group of Japanese students to host a Gasshuku (Training Camp) in one of the European countries. This is a great opportunity to train directly with Soke Sensei and W.K.K.A. students from across the world.


It is with great honour that we are able to host the event in England this year. Soke Sensei will provide the finest teaching directly to all students and will be assisted by Takashi “Teppei” Kozuka (one of the most senior instructors in W.K.K.A.).


Everyone is welcome to attend, instructors, adults, children and families. This event is very unique to the W.K.K.A. Association and only comes to England once every 5 years, so don’t miss out!


Olympic Hall, Wilmslow High School, Holy Road, Wilmslow, SK9 1LZ

Training Cost:

£65  -  Adults   

£20  -  Children (up to 10 years)*

If you are unable to attend the full event, the daily cost is set out below: 

*It is recommended that any child above the grade of 3rd Kyu should join the adults training session. This will be charged at the adult price.

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How to Register

To attend this event, you will need to completion the registration form. Once you have completed the form your space will be reserved for 14 days. Please make all payments to your dojo boss within 14 days to ensure your place is confirmed.


If you are travelling from Europe, all payments will be taken on the first day of the event after you arrive at the training hall. 


The registration process will close on Saturday 20th April 2019. Students who have not registered for the Welcome Meal by then will sadly not be able to attend. 

Additional Information for European Students


There are various hotels available in the area of Wilmslow. Below is a list of those we recommend:



Transfers to / from Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport is the closest airport to Wilmslow Town Centre and has both train and tram links into Manchester city centre. We would recommend getting a taxi to your accommodation upon arrival which should take about 10 mins. There are now strict restrictions regarding collecting and dropping off passengers, so the easiest thing to do is to find the nearest taxi rank (following the signs) - price should be approximately £15 each way.

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